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Transfer and recycling of automotive plastic

for commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Regular service or on-call collect and transportation

Near Montreal, our recycling plant can recycle more than 800 tons of plastic bumper a year.

Personalized and environmentally friendly services

based on our extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and our experience in the field of automotive plastics.

Comprehensive waste management controls

Advice on environmental standards

Eco-friendly company Certificates and certificates of destruction

Environmental impact

Today’s vehicles have more plastic materials than ever before. In general, end-of-life parts are replaced rather than repaired, which generates a very large amount of waste in the environment. Millions of bumpers end up in our landfills each year.

These pieces take hundreds of years to break down, they are bulky and difficult to handle.

At Tandem, we have the ideal idea that all plastic bumpers in Canada be recycled, thanks to our exclusive sustainable green programs.

Our zero waste plastic recycling approach allows us to treat automotive plastics, such as bumpers, to eliminate their contamination, while producing a very high quality plastic material through our no-gas process.

company Certificate

We highlight your eco-friendly efforts as soon as your Tandem account is created, as you will prevent your recoverable plastics from ending up in landfills.

Together, let’s be
a tandem that protects the environment.

About Us

plastic collect*

Tandem is a leader in automotive plastics recycling. By collecting end-of-life automotive plastic including bumpers, our customers contribute to the protection of the environment.

*It takes a minimum of 30 bumpers to carry out a collection.

Cost effective
recycling program

Tandem’s two founders, Mario Maselli and Kevin Poitras, have extensive experience in automotive plastic recycling and are passionate about recovery. Their ability to innovate and broad knowledge of the automotive industry allows them to design and deliver cost-effective recycling and end-of-life automotive plastic waste programs.

plastic resin

Tandem is a leading suppliers of re-engineered plastic resin to the North American market. Our plastic resin can be used in injection molded products, such as automotive parts, industrial components, pallets, tank-containers, garbage bins and many other items.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected time between a bumper collect request and a Tandem truck pick-up?
Our trucks follow regular routes that cover most cities, over a period ranging from 5 to 7 days.
What is the minimum of bumper per collection?
It takes a minimum of 30 bumpers to carry out a collection.
Is there a special collection tray for plastic bumpers?
No, the bumpers can be stacked neatly in a designated area easily accessible for our trucks.
Do we have to remove any metal parts and bumper stickers?
We would appreciate it if you could do it, but our trained staff is responsible for inspecting and removing items that may have been overlooked.
Are there different types of plastic used in the manufacture of bumpers and is it a problem for Tandem?
There are different types of plastic bumpers. Our process includes a sorting of multiple materials and we recover them all.

Pickup Request

This number is found on the ecoresponsable certificate that was allocated after first pickup request. This sequence start with "TD".